Fund Raising Ideas and Opportunities

You mean I can actually use recycling for possible fund raising ideas? 

Is there anything better in the entire world than doing something that...

Bullet helps the environment
Bullet conserves energy
Bullet energizes the economy
Bullet and makes you money while doing it?

I sure can't think of anything. Don't get me wrong, I doubt you can get rich recycling, but it can provide useful for fund raising ideas and opportunities.

Instead of your little leaguer or band member going door to door selling their various goodies to raise money for uniforms, why not coordinate a recycling drive?

Does your church group need to raise money for building repairs or a choir trip? Instead of relying on cash donations, set up a collection bin for church members to donate recyclable goods.

This is where you can get your creative juices flowing and begin to understand how incredibly powerful and beneficial recycling actually is.

Fund raising ideas and opportunities exist for:

  • Church groups

  • Youth groups

  • Schools

  • Sports Teams

  • Bands

  • Scouts

  • Non-Profit Agencies

  • Charity Work

  • Disaster Relief

  • Clubs

  • Special Events

  • Political Action Committees

  • Arts Foundations

  • Museums

  • anyone else interested in raising funds

And guess what, there are multiple methods you can tap into to start earning those $$ and hugging a few trees in the process.

Fund Raising and Recycling

Aluminum Can Recycling

Newspaper and Paper Recycling

Used Printer Cartridge Recycling

Used Cell Phone Recycling

Don't worry, these programs are already up and running. Most of them only require you to get the word out and start collecting. And you don't even have to go door to door (unless, of course, you want to). 

More fund raising ideas and resources

Funding Factory Jumpstart

More Information on Using Recycling for Fund Raising

Using Recycling as a Fund Raiser
Many fund raising ideas and opportunities are readily available through recycling and as a bonus, you help the economy and environment.

Aluminum Can Recycling
Recycle aluminum cans to raise funds for your school, team, or organization and help the environment in the process.

Recycling Your Cell Phone
Cell phone recycling is yet another way to help raise funds for your organization while helping reduce waste.

Recycling Used Printer Cartridges
Printer cartridge recycling not only helps the environment it also serves as a fund raiser for your club or organization.

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